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Acu Lounge by Johanna is truly a Godsend. She makes the process of acupuncture and cupping seem easy AND she has brought me more relief in two sessions than years of going to a chiropractor. I’ve done acupuncture before, but never with these results! I’m hooked and I’m becoming a regular. I feel like I normal person again. Much less pain and stiffness. I think she is magical. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Rafael Mata
I recently decided to try acupuncture to treat my body. The Acu Lounge acupuncture by Johanna was recommended so I decided to give it a try. After a few sessions with Johanna, here are some of the things that I liked: * Johanna was very professional and caring. Absolutely understands acupuncture principles. * She took the time to listen to my concerns and explain how acupuncture works. * I felt comfortable throughout the treatment. * The treatment was effective in relieving my pain. * I have noticed an improvement in my overall health and well-being since starting acupuncture. * Her facilities are extremely clean and spacious. If you are considering trying acupuncture, I would highly recommend The Acu Lounge by Johanna - highly skilled and experienced, and offers a variety of treatments for a wide range of conditions.
Mike B
Having had back pain on and off for a while, it was pretty bad and I was just looking for some relief. I apparently landed the right person. I went to see Johanna for acupuncture and hoping for some relief. After she evaluated my pain she picked a course of treatment. After some cupping followed by the acupuncture I had some relief. What I didn’t expect was getting off the table pain free. Not only does Johanna know what she is doing, she is the best at it. Going to be seeing her for my care.
David Spektor
Always a great experience, Johanna is very attentive, caring, and always makes me feel very comfortable. Acupuncture is new for me, but Johanna is very knowledgeable and I always leave feeling better. The space is clean and beautiful, zen. I look forward to continuing my wellness journey here!
Jessica Van Dam
Johanna is the greatest! She is insanely talented and confident in her abilities. She explains what she’s doing, and why she’s doing it to ensure her patient is comfortable every step of the way. Johanna takes her work seriously, while keeping the mood light and stress free. The Acu Lounge is immaculate and aesthetically pleasing from the minute you walk in the front door, until the minute you leave. 10/10 recommend!!!
Lauren Butera
I went to Johanna with a sharp back pain and immediately after the first teatment I felt relief which was more effective than the chiropractic care I had received. She also addressed several other issues associated with my back pain. Two thumbs up for her expertise and professionalism.
Virgilio Barbosa
The question posed to me directly by my acupuncturist was, “What are you doing for self-care this week?” I had to pause and although I was getting treatment that arguably could be considered self-care, I had to think hard about what I was doing for my self-care this week. I felt a little on the spot and then remembered a hair appointment later in the week, but outside of that, my life was a dull routine at best. Focused on work, dinner solutions, what my teenagers needed, and what events this week would have my husband out late most of the week and coming home completely drained. Making vet appointments for the dog, squeezing in grocery shopping, and maybe getting to the cleaners this week, was what consumed me. For the rest of my treatment, I wondered about not only what I knew I should do, like getting in some weight training, some more meditation, dusting off my yoga mat, and enjoying some quiet alone time. I don’t know about you, but I often think that an outward fix (like a visit to the chiropractor, masseuse, nail salon, massage, hair appointment, etc.) is all I need to help ease my ailments and keep me balanced. Yet here I was, my face fully and comfortably cushioned and supported on the acupuncturist table, feeling the warmth of the acupuncture needles at the prescribed acupuncture points for my sore neck and trapezoids, and for stress along select points on my leg and feet, feeling relaxed, warm, safe, and centered, realizing that I had not been practicing true self-care. I had not been taking care of myself the way I would encourage others to. I had not been conversing with friends about our lives and being supportive of one another. I had not been as mindful and present in my everyday routines, and I had to change that immediately, and all thanks to my acupuncturist who was observant of my energy, looked me over, and asked me a simple question, knowing what ailed me and how to help my body find balance. If you are feeling off in an area of your life and your body is responding to your stress and daily routine through aches, pains, soreness, and stiffness, I would encourage you to seek out someone like Johanna, who will treat you in every aspect that she’s able to and help bring you back into alignment with your personal energy flow (Qi, pronounced "Chee"). As I became aware of how the disruption of the energy flow can cause disease and manifest itself in my tensed-up shoulders and neck, and in my overall fatigue, I was glad that I was here with Johanna, applying acupuncture to certain points on my body and improving the flow of my Qi, thereby improving my health. I leave my treatment noticing how the tension in my body was alleviated, how my neck muscles and upper back were completely relaxed and aware of how the energy in my body was moving. It was no longer bottle-necked at problem points, it flowed easily and naturally, bringing with it relief and the ability to completely rest that night. If you took the time to read this, consider exploring the services offered by a truly compassionate, caring, talented, and knowledgeable acupuncturist like Johanna. Sometimes something out of the ordinary can bring you extraordinary benefits, all you have to do is pick up the phone or send a DM, and make an appointment. #whatareyoudoingforselfcarethisweekladies, #acupunctureworks
Irene Mata
muscle fix mobile llc dr muscle fix ceo founder. Dr Johanna is incredible she is like minded caring and passionate about the power of acupuncture treatment. I highly recommend her and cant wait to make my reservations. She is our go to local referral prescription for all eastern medicine acupuncture related Kind regards dr muscle fix aka muscle fix mobile llc
Dr Muscle Fix
Absolutely love coming here! Johanna is amazing and knows how to help me every time!
Symeja Seji
Great Experience and can’t wait to go back!
Veton Seji
As you know, my Dad suffered with a very aggressive form of bladder cancer for two years. We tried many treatments, doctors and hospitals. But nothing helped and his spirit was broken. He was afraid to die. When I agreed to have you come and help my dad with his severe edema, I had no idea that he was in his final days with us. Those two days you traveled back and forth to Staten Island to treat my father before he went into the hospital were so peaceful for him. He felt relaxed, grateful, and as he expressed, “light like air”. He slept more peacefully and soundly than he had in a longtime. Somehow, with your amazing gift for healing, you gave him what he needed. You gave him what I couldn’t. You helped heal and lift his spirit, besides relieving him of some of his edema. You gave him the peace his mind, body and spirit so desperately needed. I know that my father was grateful for you because he told you and all of us. And for that I will be eternally grateful. Much love and admiration!
Client Feedback
Johanna, thank you so much! I am so looking forward to more sessions. You’ve been amazing.
Client Feedback
If you are even borderline considering acupuncture, just book a consultation. Seriously, I’d been promising myself for years I’d do it and never pulled the trigger. I finally did it. Don’t wait like I did. Pull the trigger! You won’t be sorry.
Client Feedback
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